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When your values are misaligned with the value of fairness, you will find that your results suffer.
If you are unfair in your relationships or your business dealings,
others will recognize and adapt to your unfairness, making it harder for you to even achieve a
reasonable outcome when you want it. They may even warn others in advance of your behavior
to make it harder for you to get anything done through others.
So your effectiveness grows weaker the longer the misalignment exists.
But when you build a reputation for fairness in all of your dealings,
you will maintain strong levels of trust with others,
and that will make it far easier to elicit cooperation


I believe the ultimate goal of living and refining your values is to identify and achieve
congruence with universal principles. Then your model of reality finally matches reality itself,
and in the long run your actions will consistently produce the best possible results.
This isn’t just an individual journey either – it’s one that all of humanity is experiencing
with each passing century. Social creations like democracy, slavery,
or capital punishment can be seen as part of an ongoing process of values clarification.


A life purpose statement is a very personal thing, so when you read someone else’s life purpose,
it won’t necessarily mean much to you, but it has a special significance to the person who created it.
If you want help crafting your own life purpose statement,
a good place to start is the article How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes.
If you have a copy of my book Personal Development for Smart People, you’ll find an updated
version of this process along with some additional tips in the Career chapter in Part II.

Michael Eckerman

Should you break up with your current relationship partner? Yes, if that relationship leaves your most important values unfulfilled and another relationship would do a better job of fulfilling them.

Time Management

When you can quickly remind yourself what’s most important to you and in what order of priority,
you not only gain clarity about the right decisions, but you also know why they’re the right decisions for you.

Personal Development

Erin and I receive emails of this nature every day. The subjects vary from relationship issues (should I leave my current partner?) to career choices (should I quit my job to do what makes me happy?) to living arrangements (should I move to another city?).

Improve Your Life

Despite these variations the underlying theme is the same.
People want to make intelligent decisions and struggle with finding the right amount of clarity.

Life Tips

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve racked my brain trying to gain clarity about a significant choice point.
I’d spend hours analyzing various facets of a decision because I wanted to make the most intelligent choice  I could.

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