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So whenever you encounter a misalignment, you can either adapt the circumstances to restore alignment,
or you can remove yourself from the situation and start fresh.
I don’t recommend the third alternative of living with the misalignment if you cannot adapt to it.
This would mean living without integrity to your values. An example would be choosing to remain in
an abusive relationship out of misplaced loyalty. Living with misalignment for too long often results
in serious negative consequences.


Whenever your values change, it’s important to review the various areas of your life to make
sure they’re properly aligned with the kind of person you believe you are.
If you’re in a relationship, is it compatible with your values? If you work for a company,
are its perceived values compatible with yours? If there’s a misalignment, then it’s time to make changes either by adapting or by getting out.


At some point you’ll encounter a situation that forces you to reassess your values.
Maybe a close friend dies, a major illness hits you, or you begin a new relationship,
and consequently, you gain a new perspective on what’s truly most important to you.
This is to be expected as you grow older and have new experiences.
Suddenly your values list doesn’t seem to be an accurate representation of the real you.
You’ve changed too much. So it’s time to reassess your values and create a new values list.

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