Many of us go through the day without ever actually getting the important tasks done, says Michael Eckerman. Then, we stay up late at night trying to accomplish the most urgent tasks that need to be completed before the sun rises the next day. If this sounds exactly like you, then you need to take advantage of the following time management tips so you can start working on your productivity right away. Aside from making you more productive, these tips will also increase your confidence so you can achieve your goals in no time.

1. Prioritize Your Day-To-Day Tasks
Lack of prioritization is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people fail to realize their aims, reminds Michael Eckerman. Without prioritized goals, you’ll find it difficult to attain your dreams since there’s no concrete plan on how you’re going to reach them. Creating a list and putting it in order is one of the best time management tips. It will keep you focused and aware of what tasks need to be completed for the day and which ones you can reschedule for tomorrow. Keeping a list can give you a sense of accountability. It can also help you in achieving your goals faster than ever.

2. Prioritize Progress Over Perfection
Many people fail to achieve their goals because they think that they have to be perfect in everything that they do. This is a huge mistake and will hold you back from being productive. The truth is you aren’t perfect, and you’re never going to be. You may not get everything done perfectly or be right all the time, says Michael Eckerman. If you spend a ridiculous amount of time perfecting your craft, you won’t be able to finish anything on time. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to do your tasks right. You just have to learn when it’s time to move on to make sure that you’re still making some progress. You can still get back to your unfinished tasks later. Once you learn how to let go of perfection, you’ll find it easier to complete your tasks. You’ll also be less harsh on yourself.

3. Schedule Time to Think and Plan Every Day
Thinking about your activities for the next day is essential if you want to become more productive. Planning allows you to prioritize your tasks so that you can work on the most important ones first, says Michael Eckerman. Without a to-do list, it’s relatively easy to get lost in your job. You might even end up missing deadlines because you didn’t plan ahead of time.

4. Finish Your Tasks Faster
Too many people feel the need to perfect each work that they do. This means taking too long to finish a single task. While it’s easy to think that completing a work is good, it isn’t always the case, particularly if you have tons of other work to complete.

5. Create a Deadline
Creating deadlines is one of the most efficient ways to increase productivity. By putting a time limit on each project, you will necessarily create a sense of urgency. This will push you to take the necessary steps to complete the tasks, states Michael Eckerman.