Have you ever wondered how people manage to get a lot of things done without any difficulty at all, asks Michael Eckerman ?

” I remember a time when I had the schedule of 6 people, and my stress level was so high that I barely was lucid after completing my plan. I could hardly find any time to rest, and it all could be seen in my face, my speech, and my appearance. I felt like I could get anything done in I time. Nowadays it feels like I am doing fewer tasks than in the past but that isn’t the case I just manage my time better”, shares Michael Eckerman.

Michael Eckerman

Being Efficient is the central element if managing your time well. It comes in many forms, and Michael Eckerman shares some examples that you can apply in your life.

  • Delegating tasks whenever possible
  • Combining tasks  – doing two tasks for the time of one
  • Eliminating tasks that take too long or using different methods to get them done

Being able to plan good is also an important part of good Time Management shares Michael Eckerman. You always have to be ready and be prepared for the need to rearrange or change tasks.

  • Using the word plan I sometimes have worries, it creates an unrealistic vision in people’s mind, and it is important to realize what planning means. Proper planning is crucial, but it doesn’t mean that you have to follow the plan always. You will find that evading the actual plans and coming up with new ways to deal with tasks will be better than just going through you plan by following it.


  • When your plan is going well, you will find that you sometimes do other tasks which you didn’t actually want to do on that day. You always have to be ready to make changes and be flexible. Flexibility is important in balancing your time, so you have maximum efficiency, shares Michael Eckerman.

Being able to take control and being a good delegator is also important. Doing that is difficult and probably the part where many struggle to succeed. You need to be flexible and let someone else take over tasks if you don’t have to do it. Overburdening yourself just because you want to make a point that you can’t complete something isn’t a good idea. By doing that for a long time, you will find that it takes up too much time by working alone and not seeking out much-needed help at some points.

By learning how to work with others, you will have a new perspective on everything. It is imperative that you are a team player in life, shares Michael Eckerman.